The Hanson Chalumeau

An exciting new instrument.

A comprehensive teaching system for key stage 2.

Our exclusive initiative offers the only new instrument and teaching system made specifically for ‘Wider Opportunities’ .


More than 3500 pupils are presently learning the Chalumeau with record levels of retention;

around 70% of pupils progressed to learn orchestral instruments in following years.


Children learn fundamental skills which are easily applied to other instruments.

The Chalumeau project aims are simple.

  1. To promote music making at an early stage and to equip pupils with sound foundations for future music making.

  2. To provide an instrument which sounds good, is easy to play, is affordable and kid proof!

The Hanson Chalumeau is different to other instruments.  It is designed to be a musical beginning, leading to the pupil to move to another instrument equipped with enthusiasm for music and transferrable skills. 

Learn a little well.   By it’s nature the Chalumeau is limited to playing a small number of notes.  It’s range is c’-d’’.  Many players upon discovering this comment upon the limitations of the instrument, but for the purpose of teaching ‘basics’ it is perfect.  Pupils learn to read and play just over an octave.  Fingering is simple, there are no keys to press and nothing to go wrong.  Emphasis is placed upon developing a good tone and strong embouchure.

Large finger holes.  What?  How can this work with little fingers?  The holes on a Hanson Chalumeau are oval, not round like on other instruments and as such they sit across the body of the instrument more, which means that small fingers sit into rather than on top of the body of the instrument.   Good finger placement is developed through a better feel of the body of the instrument.  A pupil playing a Chalumeau develops a greater appreciation of the relationship between accurate finger placement and the producing a good note.  Pupils moving to a diverse range of instruments such as clarinet, flute, sax, cornet, trumpet, violin or guitar all experience a benefit from developing a foundation skill.

Indestructible. The Hanson Chalumeau is the most durable instrument you are ever likely to come across and will last for years and years without any maintenance.  When passing the instrument from one year group to another just wash it out in warm soapy water and it’s ready to go.   It takes a standard Bb clarinet mouthpiece, reed and ligature (all included).  In normal use the Hanson Chalumeau is indestructible and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Whats is the outfit? A Hanson Chalumeau, mouthpiece, ligature, cap, reed and music bag.  A class pack includes 33 outfits, scheme of work either by download or on usb pen drive including accompaniment recordings.

Available in the keys of C or Bb to match with other music making initiatives.

Individual Chalumeau from £34.50 ex. VAT
Class pack from £1049.00 ex. VAT

Proudly made in Great Britain

Scheme of work.

Specially written to cover all areas of learning required in KS2 music the scheme of work is recommended to all schools using the Chalumeau.

Specialist and non specialist teachers may benefit from the experiences gained  by others teaching the instrument.  A core module of material is expanded through bolt-on modules which stimulate creativity and learning tailored to pupils without detracting from the ‘core’ learning material.

The teaching system is intended to be used with an Interactive Whiteboard and is available as a download or on usb pen drive.    Backing tracks, updates and extensions to the scheme are being added continuously and users can share and upload their own material to a teachers upload area creating an online resource for other users.


Proudly made in Great Britain

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